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Hy sailing fans,

My name is Rene and i work in a bank. Since my job is very stressful, and to tell you the truth, very boring, it is really necessary for me to spend my holidays doing something interesting, something adventures. Because of that, I have spent my last 10 vacations sailing around Europe.

People ask me how? Real easy actually, I contact Sailing Europe, book one of their catamarans, decide on a destination, and of I go.

This last vacation, for my destination, I have chosen the island of Vis. A destination that was new to me, and in a part of the world I was not very familiar with. The island of Vis is a beautiful island in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea.

When I reached the island of Vis, I decided to do a little sailing around the island before anchoring in the marina. My plan was to enjoy all of the undiscovered things it holds, unspoiled nature and its relaxed atmosphere. The Vis archipelago, particularly the surrounding sea, has been identified as a biodiversity hot-spot. It includes the islands of Jabuka, Palagruža Biševo, Sveti Andrija and Brusnik, so it was really fun for me to experience all of that amazing scenery and sites while sailing.

When my exploring of the island from the sea was done, I have docked in a St George's Bay port on the northern part of island of Vis.

From there I continued my vacation on foot, but since the island of Vis successfully avoids tourist commercialization even at the peak of the season, there are only two towns in which you can stay. The town of Vis, and the town of Komiža. I had stayed in Vis and my stay was not only relaxing, but also bless with a rich traditional gastronomic specialties and some of the best wines in the country.

Since my sailing vacation was coming to an end, I had one last thing to do before calling it a day and returning to the mainland. I had went diving, because there are around twenty locations with sunken sailing boats and war ships, submarines and planes which make this islands underwater world one of the most attractive diving destinations in this part of the Adriatic.

Now, after my vacation has ended, I can safely say that this was one of my best sailing experiences so far.